Titans squeeze by Spartans, 6-5

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Titans squeeze by Spartans, 6-5

2nd victory in pre-season games with a  6-5 Titans victory this time against the Almaguin Spartan s.  An interesting, tighter, more physical match that allowed big players like Alexandre Provost-Ross and Swedes Sundell & Braneby to stand out.  Braneby is really good and physically strong. He has accumulated nothing less than 8 points in total of these 2 exhibition games.  Simon Brannvall was not dominant but ended his evening of work with 1g and 1a for 3 points in 2 games. Called to choose the stars tonight I selected the small defender Michael White who was very combative in his zone and very reliable in general.  If the 2nd star went to a Spartan player, the first one clearly returned to Alexander Provost-Ross in my eyes. Big game for the center of 6’3 ”. This meeting allowed players to be tested against a more physically active team with good defenders. Some players a little bit smaller Titans had a little less easy. Let’s note that the 56 shots on the goal are representative of the time of possession of the puck which should certainly be more than 80% after 40 minutes in favor of the Titans. The third period was more evenly distributed. Good match also to play different facets of the game, including units in shorthanded situations. Jason Goes and 16-year-old Josiah Rupert were the goalies for the Titans. Rupert having arrived from a long trip this morning and having never practiced with the team. A whole test for him.  The No. 1 Titans, Raffaele Izzo was on leave tonight.  The Spartans used their number one goalkeeper for the game. Note that Rolfelt and Willhemsson arrived tonight in Témiscaming, so Guillaume Taupier is the last of the  veterans to arrive early this week. However … watch the titans’ announcements … 1 or 2 players could be added in the next few days. The Titans will open their 2017-18 season next Friday night at the Center by receiving the new Pirates de Ville-Marie team … whose GM Gilles Robert attended the game tonight.

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