Spartans upset the Titans

📁 Non classé @en 🕔12.November 2023
Spartans upset the Titans
In a game that took on the appearance of a war on ice, the Spartans scored with 52 seconds left in the 3rd period to break a 2-2 tie and win 4-2,
The 4th goal being scored in an empty net,
It was 2-2 after 20 minutes with Titans goals from Cameron Pariseau and Alexander Barakhtin.
No team managed to score until the very end of the 3rd period with this extremis goal which ultimately made the difference,
Many penalties on both sides in a close match up. Both teams played hard and the players from both teams certainly came out of this match with a few bruises.
Ćenda Kratky was the goalie tonight and he has been solid, specially in the 2nd period keeping his team in the game.
Titans’ record is now 10-5.
GO Titans!
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