Titans pre-camp chow time

📁 Non classé @en 🕔24.April 2023
Titans pre-camp chow time
Last activity in Temiscaming for your Titans before August after 4 days of tryouts.
In this kind of camp there are always players who give us the performance we expected from them and those who cause a surprise. we love pleasant surprises.💙
The next Titans tryout will be in central Quebec. The dates will be communicated to you soon.
Thank you to the arena staff who hase always aimed to provide us with the best possible ice quality throughout the season, especially during the National Championship and the Titans Tournament, as well as during this weekend of 10 hours of tests and practices.
Special thanks to William Godbout and Louis-Thomas Lapointe for their involvement in this camp alongside coach Shawn and coach Sébastien,
Speaking of the latter, welcome back home for the summer and have a good vacation time coach.
New Titans will sign their contract this week.
There will be announcements soon. 👀
The camp in a few pictures.
GO Titans!
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