Titans new facilities

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Titans new facilities

For the last couple of months the Titans organisation has been preparing their new facilities at the North end of the Centre.  This includes a complete new players locker room with individual player stalls.  Each stall is identified by the players name. Next to the room is the washroom area that includes 2 separate toilets and a 4 head shower. Hot water will not be a concern as the team has installed an on-demand natural gas water heater that also has a 48 gallon reserve tank. A sink complete with hand blow dryer.  Next door is the equipment area that houses the skate sharpener, washer and dryer, storage for all game and practice jerseys, work area, large wash basin, and seating area for staff including fridge and coffee machine.  Various lockers keep an inventory of gloves, hoodies, track suits, pucks, tape and day to day necessities. Next is the coaches office with desk, 40″ flat panel TV for player video sessions and internet feed.  This is next to the first aid room.  The players will now exit the room, go down a set of covered stairs leading into the rink.  There is also another door that has an inclined ramp that will allow the players to offload their equipment following road trips.  The entire facility is air conditioned, heated and also equipped with an air exchange system.  Along with the Titans team coach bus, we have a lot that we can offer to our players and staff.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out in particular to three men who put in several hundred VOLUNTEER hours each to help us complete our project.




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