Rattlers edge Titans 5-4

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Rattlers edge Titans 5-4
The Titans played a real good game this evening dominating the Rattlers by a 45-32 shot count and allowing only 2 shots in the final period, but still were at the short end of a 5-4 score.
With their full lineup the Titans showed they can stay close to the first place Rattlers and their 14th straight victory.
Titans goals came from Michael Stegmann, Christopher Fanfan, Savva Verbetskii, while newcomer Ricards Brinecs scored his first goal in his very first game.
Not much time to lick your wounds as the Titans will be back on the ice on Saturday night again at the Centre. An 8pm puck drop against the South Muskoka Shield
GO Titans!
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