Pier-Luc Céré is given an “A”

📁 Non classé @en 🕔28.September 2021
Pier-Luc Céré is given an “A”
Ahead of tonight’s practice, coach Sébastien announced that Pier-Luc Céré has been selected for one of Titans assistant captains this season.
Pier-Luc also played this role at Ulysse Académie Prep 2 years ago.
Pier-Luc is not the one who speaks the loudest “verbally”, but he makes his actions speak for themselves
A real one who does not accept half efforts..
Pier-Luc will be assistant to Captain William Godbout, alongside Louis-Thomas Lapointe.
Well done Pier-Luc and have a great season.🏒🏆🇨🇦
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