Maxime Durocher back with the Titans

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Maxime Durocher back with the Titans

The Titans are pleased to announce the return of veteran Maxime Durocher (99) 5’7 ’’ 187. Maxime joined the Titans last November after playing for just over 2 seasons in the Quebec JrAAA. In 26 games with the Titans he had 2 goals and 3 assists for 5 points. Here are our GM’s comments about Maxime: “There are a lot of good things to say about Maxime. Technically first, he’s a good skater, has a really good shot, doesn’t mind getting dirty in the corners of the ice and he’s a right-handed center who can be given big face-offs. He is an experienced player with character. But Maxime’s contribution to a team goes far beyond his personal stats. Max is a former captain, therefore a leader. With the Titans he earned the respect of all players, even playing the role of big brother for the younger ones. His ice time was often limited last season as the Titans were particularly strong in the center position with Maheu-Tremblay-Moistner, then Warkentine. But Max never complained, realizing that he had joined a seasoned team in the middle of the season. However, he has shown in the playoffs that he can also be useful on the wing. Because the important thing for Maxime is that the team comes before his own person. This season Maxime, as a 21-year-old veteran, will have an important role to play. The fans will be able to fully appreciate his contribution to the team. If the players are happy with his return, the same goes for coach Sébastien and the GM. ” Maxime Durocher is the 9th player of the Titans’ Championship to confirm his return to the team. His signature brings the number of players confirmed with the club to 20, i.e. 3 goalkeepers, 6 defensemen and 11 attackers. Welcome back to Témiscaming Maxime. 

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