Desjardins team up with the Titans

📁 Non classé @en 🕔29.October 2020
Desjardins team up with the Titans
Desjardins (Caisse du Témiscamingue) teams up with the Titans
The Titans are thrilled to announce that Desjardins (Caisse du Témiscamingue) has renewed its partnership with our team for another season.
The trust shown by this institution is a source of great pride for us. Desjardins (Caisse du Témiscamingue) involvement in our community via this partnership is noticed by all.
We would like to especially thank our partner for being back with us again despite the particular context or the 2020-2021 hockey season.
Thank you Desjardins (Caisse du Témiscamingue).
Go Titans!
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