Boudreau back for second go around

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Boudreau back for second go around
Titans are pleased to confirm the return of forward Shawn Boudreau (2003) 6’1” 168.
The young man from La Sarre distinguished himself in 2 particular aspects of the game during his rookie season with us.
He first formed one of the best duos in the league with Maxence Lemaire to kill shorthanded penalties. Shawn found himself at the heart of a streak of more than 15 consecutive games without having allowed a goal in this circumstance.
The sympathetic forward also deserved the “Player with the best team spirit” trophy awarded by the coaches. Shawn’s approach is very much Team First.
Shawn is one of those players whose contribution to a team is not limited to offense production.
Winger, he can also help out as a defenseman.
A type of player always appreciated by coaches and this is also the case with coach Sébastien.
We are very happy with the return for a 2nd season of the one everyone on the team calls “Shawner”
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